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    So Long Mr. Director, Hello Animus.

    And so, the long goodbye is coming to an end. Rosenberg’s senior moments cloud his mind and, at times, wonder’s if there ever was a director (there was, they just weren’t talking to him anymore!).

    The rate at which they are sequencing genomes now has been cut in half, and Rosenberg feels that they are nothing more than a production line. Warren Vidic has taken centre stage and is now the top dog, Abstergo’s new golden boy, a position once held by this tired old man.

    And it is this tired old man’s narrow mindedness that can still not see the potential in the Animus project, he feels that it is a waste of time. Just as he dismissed the Yellowstone bacteria, here he dismisses the rumours of ancestral memory encoded in ones own genes. Yet he still believes in the fabled triple-helix, no fear his senior moments would cloud that part of his brain! It seems he is destined never to replicate his results (if they were ever true in the first place).

    In what could be his final letter, he shows us just why Mr. Director cast him on the scrapheap. For all his passion, drive and single mindedness, the one thing he didn’t have was an open mind. If he possessed this one trait his career could have gone in a different direction. For a man who worked with genes his whole life, it was his own that let him down…

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    Indignation & The Human Genome

    Clinton B. Rosenberg has finally cracked, to the extent that he has sent a strongly worded letter(!), outlining his grievance’s (no fear of him resigning then!). He feels he’s been hard done by and asks why his loyalty has been questioned. Rosenberg has been with the company now for at least 26 years, and one would assume that he has a nice redundancy package built up. His stubbornness is not going to leave him out of pocket and this could be his attempt at goading Mr. Director into firing him.

    He has been pushed into a corner and is coming out swinging, but for some unknown reason he’s unwilling, or unable to land that final blow, that killer punch. Rosenberg is a broken man, he’s been unable to replicate his triple-helix results (did he ever produce it in the first place?), and isn’t bothered if he is proven right or wrong anymore. Abstergo’s corporate machine has defeated him and crushed his ambition. Rosenberg is now just counting the days to his retirement, or redundancy, which ever comes first!

    The technological advances at Abstergo’s fingertips are astounding, and, according to Rosenberg, new bleeding edge technology and equipment is brought into his lab every other week. Abstergo’s reach is now truly global and their manipulation of scientific endeavours around the globe (ironically, beginning with the aid of Rosenberg in1952), are beginning to pay off.

    One such project, the human genome project was officially completed on 14 April 2003, and the leaps and bounds in the past 11 years in microbiology have been astounding. According to this letter however, Abstergo have been routinely sequencing a whole human genome a month… in 1978…. almost exactly 25 years to the day that it was seen as “officially” possible to do so. So you can imagine the advances that have been achieved by Abstergo in the past 36 years. 

    Rosenberg’s is now sequencing genome’s at the behest of a certain lab in Italy, unknown to him, this is what the whole endeavour has been leading to. Warren Vidic’s Animus project is in operation at this point and Mr. Vidic needs to know which gene’s that genetic memory are encoded in. This will help enable him to calibrate the Animus to focus on these genes and to unlock the secrets to the past. The secrets Clinton B. Rosenberg once helped keep are now secrets he will know nothing about…

    The Human Genome Project



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    The Blood of a Sage & A Triple-Helix Breakthrough.

    And so the fall from grace has been completed. Clinton B Rosenberg is no longer considered central to Abstergo’s plans, he’s not even considered a peripheral figure in the Global Conglomerate. Here in Rochester he’s decided to vent his anger and frustrations at the predicament he has found himself in.

    The discovery that was mentioned in his last letter (A discovery he dismissed as beneath him and a waste of time.), has turned out to be a lucrative form of DNA multiplication. He describes it as a most amazing discovery and knows (hopes?), this will be able to get the attention of Mr. Director. He tells him that they are years ahead of anyone else in the mapping of the human genome, this is one year before William Miles steals the plans to the Animus in Moscow. Two projects that will eventually come together as the Animus we know today.

    Rosenberg then falls back into old habits, and his quest for the triple-helix rears its ugly head once more. He claims to have found it and implores Mr. Director to take a look at his preliminary data. So, has he really found something or is he trying to get back in Mr. Director’s good books. If he did find something where did he get it from?

    If we assume that triple-helix DNA is only present in First Civ DNA, then this must be the source of his discovery(If indeed he has discovered it!). We can assume Abstergo wouldn’t entrust First Civ DNA to a person they have sidelined, as far as we know they only had one sample of it at this time. So he must have gotten it somewhere else. Where and how?

    Rosenberg seems to have been moved on again, this time he’s in Rochester. The building the letter is linked to is called the Baldwin Building, and is home to the Mayo Clinic. You can read all about the Clinic here:

    •The Baldwin Building

    •Centers & Programs



    What’s fascinating is their Biobank, which was officially started in 2009, but could have been started in secret by Abstergo in the 1970’s? Is this where Rosenberg got his triple-helix sample from, a random person walking in and giving a blood sample. What’s more interesting is how did this person have First Civ DNA encoded into their DNA? Could this person have been a Sage, and will Clinton B. Rosenberg ever be able to replicate his results…..

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    Life at High Temperatures - Taq and Boise Idaho.

    Clinton B. Rosenberg’s quest for the triple helix continues. Unfortunately for him however, he and Mr. Director do not see eye to eye. It is safe to assume that he feels that Rosenberg’s vision of the triple helix is a pipe dream and something that is not worth wasting any more time and funds on. Rosenberg on the other hand feels that he has been unfairly treated (does he have a point!), and states so in this letter. 

    To punish him he has had his funding cut, his lab moved to Boise, Idaho and had his influence in the R&D department sidelined. In short he is being put to seed, and left to do (what he feels are) the menial tasks. His blind faith in his own abilities have clouded his judgement, as he feels that the study of the bacteria found in Yellowstone is a waste of his scientific talent, even though Abstergo are sure of its benefits.

    The benefits of the Yellowstone bacteria will prove to be huge. The culture found there, Thermus aquaticus, will be used to make Taq polymerase. It is a key component in the process of DNA multiplication at high temperatures. From one original molecule, using Taq, you can get millions.

    Rosenberg of all people should know that he is just a cog in a machine, and that he has now taken the position of Watson and Crick’s team (Cambridge 1952), only being shown what is needed and being pushed in the direction Abstergo want him to go. Rosenberg is swimming against the tide, and that tide is getting stronger…

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    Sweet Home Chicago

    Another day, another innocuous letter. A letter of resignation, and acceptance of a new position. A letter from Abstergo’s Corporate headquarters in Chicago, which incidentally, was a destination Mr. Olivier Garneau (Montreal’s CCO) didn’t reach (Will we ever learn his faith?). 

    Rosenberg’s blind faith in his own ability and intuition has led him to this juncture, and he has decided to take the path less travelled. He’s stepping down from a position he feels he has no control over, to a position he has free reign to do as he likes. Clinton B. Rosenberg is a man of ambition and vision and is determined to forge his own path in his quest for the triple helix.

    The Molecular biology R&D department is where Rosenberg will now pursue his goals, a place where he just might find what he is looking for. This I feel, is where Rosenberg, in his quest for the triple helix, will stumble upon the secrets of genetic memory and discard it. Abstergo will pass this on to a young scientist by the name of Warren Vidic, and the Animus project will be born. 

    Rosenberg’s stubbornness and intuition will cost him everything, instead of being remembered as the founding father of Animus technology he will be but a footnote in the history of Abstergo’s R&D department…

    'Somebody will tell me that you
    need my help someday’

    Robert Johnson - Sweet Home Chicago Lyrics | MetroLyrics

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    Rosenberg & Photo 51
    Our friend Dr. Rosenberg has returned, and this time he resurfaces in Cambridge. Abstergo’s interest in his own scientific abilities are mentioned, and so too the fact that he has turned down their offer. Something he could/might grow to regret in the future? For the time being though, he’s quite happy to resume his whistle stop tour of the worlds laboratories and scientists, whose aim is unraveling the structure of DNA.
    Abstergo’s finger’s seem to have been in every pie being baked by the leading scientists of the day. They are seen here passing on Dr. Franklin’s data to Watson and Crick’s team, and at last, we get clarification on the reasons of Photo 51’s inclusion in the database (A memory that was placed there almost one year ago. Who said ubisoft doesn’t have a plan!) With this data they were able to come to the conclusion about the structure of DNA. Another step on the road in the construction of the Animus, perhaps (?).

    Rosenberg on the other hand isn’t quite so sure and proposes that they push forward on both fronts (what reasons does he have for not believing what is now accepted as DNA’s structure, more light could be shed on this in future updates). Intuition is an admirable trait but not one you want in a scientist, facts are a scientists currency, and this is the currency that Rosenberg should be dealing in.

    Where to next in the DNA world tour? Surely Franklin and Gosling study on distinctions between the A and B structures of the double helix in DNA (July 25, 1953) is next, followed by McCarty, Avery and MacLeod’s discovery that DNA is the material of inheritance, and, the so called ‘stuff of life’ (February 1, 1944).

    Rosenberg signs off with “I remain your most devoted servant”, another spy in another time…..

    Their research paper can be seen here:

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    Mr. Director,
    More Than Meets The Eye.

    At first look the Mr Director letter seems fairly innocuous. An abstergo employee, Clinton B Rosenberg Ph . D . (a doctor, or lecturer in philosophy) is informing “Mr. Director” of the progress of a colleague he has been asked to keep an eye on. Rosenberg has been entrusted with championing the work of the Chemistry Life Foundation, and to encourage advancements in all scientific fields of a chemical nature pertaining to life. He states that the evolution of DNA science should be of special interest to Abstergo, and, in his opinion will one day unlock the very secrets of life itself (oh the irony). This, in my opinion, is a precursor in the evolution of the animus.

    The colleague that Rosenberg refers to is Dr. Linus Pauling, and the article he is about to publish is what eventually leads to him winning the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, and a step in the discovery of the structural makeup of molecular DNA. You can find the original paper that is mentioned in the letter here:

    Where is all this leading to? Well, for a start, there will be more letter’s like these in the coming days/weeks, informing us of the advancements of the technologies that will eventually come together in the creation of the Animus. That’s my take on the subject, but it could also be a step in how Abstergo are now capable of altering the genetic makeup of an individual. And that is far more ominous…..

    Linus Pauling was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1954 “for his research into the nature of the chemical bond and its application to the elucidation of the structure of complex substances” (!).

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    A Strong Twin,
    An Omnipresent Juno?

    The consequences of Desmond saving the world are now being felt, none more so than by the Russian Brotherhood. Even though it was ‘Mother’ that forced the assassin’s into the machine (Animus), it was her visions of Juno that (who she thought was Eve) pushed her down the harrowing path of the Animus bleeding effect and mental degradation. 

    The latest update has let us into the secret, Galina was not the strong twin, she didn’t see the big picture. It was the twin that she despatched with, in such a cold heartless manner, that found her mother’s notebook and entered it into the database. The twin that she eviscerated who came up with the plan. Every full moon she was to go to the bridge and wait, every full moon she’d come back without aid. 

    When she was gone, did her sister take her place in the machine? Did they agree that she would take her place more and more to limit the effects of the bleeding effect. Did they agree to sacrifice one over the other, for the sake of getting the truth to light. The strong twin, in this instance, was most definitely her mother’s daughter. 

    If this was the case, then Galina despatching with her twin in the way she did was part of the pact they had agreed upon. Make it quick, make it painless and show no emotion…

    Juno has again surfaced in this update, and the question has to be asked; since her release into the ether, has she become omnipresent? That is, is she everywhere at once? Can she be on a monitor in Canada and at the same time be in a satellite circling the earth, while also being, in an Animus in Protvino ? 

    And what is it with those ‘Zombie Assassin’s’….
    It seems Juno was having a subduing effect on those affected by the bleeding effect… Is she calling them to the grey (or creating a zombie army!)?

    Until next time…

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    Happy St Patricks Day to the Irish diasproa all around the globe, and also to those who are not, remember…..

    We are watching……

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    AC Initiates - ComDev’s and Envoy’s are under surveillance!!

    Follow all the goings on here:

    You can also follow me over at THE HUB to find out about more hidden surveillance updates and ac initiates related stuff. Find all the links after the jump:

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    Ottavio Leoni, Portrait of Bishop Amicus Panicus Sarsina, Count Bobbio, 17th century

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